The goals of foundation and activities of Association is to provide grounds for the youth for finding their place in society through promotion of relevation of their potential talent and skills.

The association is oriented at problems of education, probation and employment of young specialists.

The task of the association for achievement of its aim are as follow:

  • revelation of gifted young people of modest means, their attestation and inclusion in the Association programs;
  • development of subject, thematic and methological educationl programs;
  • establishment and development of cooperation with international scientific and educational organizations, in case their aims, tasks and activities either partly or fully coincide with the activities and aims of the Association;
  • holding seminars, conferences, public discussions through involvement of great masses of youth;
  • calling for funds from donor organizations and charitable people for achievement of the Association goals;
  • popularization of international youth camps and involvement of the youth in these activities;
  • organization of professional training courses for the young specialists who wish to change their qualification;
  • revelation of creative skills of the youth, especially disabled youth, promotion of using their talent and skills in the development process of the country;
  • organization of libraries and videothecas in various regions of the country;
  • copyright protection in the educational sector;
  • consulting and information activities for employment of the youth and formation of informational electronic network for this purpose.

We offer you some programs for Georgian & Jewish youth.

We offer you some programs for Georgian & Jewish youth.

In summer, 10 days educational Camp, in Youth Hostel which is located in Green Horn,Batumi town, Atchara region, Georgia, in July – August & 10 days educational camp in

Youth hostel in NY, Kingsborough College Campus. age rate: 9-17. The both programs are operating and are supported by American Camp Association, International Camping


Program consists of:

  • An educational classes in English, Russian and Jewish languages;
  • The thematic lectures about Georgian, Russian & Jewish painting and Artists;
  • The evening parties, meetings with well-known writers, actors and film directors;
  • The sport competitions in football, volley-ball on the beach , tennis, chess, draught;
  • There will be organized poetry and music parties by members of TIP Association;
  • There will be arranged excursions in sea coast of Atchara and also in the mountains;
  • Program includes three Kosher meals per day.
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Employment Programs for TIP Members

TIP annualy has chosen the students and young professionals for participating in working programs in Great Britain, USA and in the UAE (Dubai).


  • Age rate: 18-28;
  • Knowledge of English language: Intermediate level;
  • Management and analytical skills and working practice (at least a year practice of working in restaurants, hotels or youth hostels, or in some other service agencies and