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The Training and Inter-employment Programs (TIP) from 2002 has provided life-changing intercultural experiences and empowerment training for youth in diverse contexts. It has developed effective models for youth programs which address global issues and build meaningful, supportive relationships among young people who care about improving our world.

Each summer the TIP holds peace building and leadership programs for international and Georgian teens at its camp in Green Corn, nearby of Batumi, Atchara region, Georgia. Participants do teambuilding and trust-building activities, engage in dialogue with each other on issues of common concern, and build supportive peer and mentor relationships, as they join a growing global network of youth peacebuilders. The programs offer experiential simulations and informational sessions to help the participants develop skills for social action, dialogue about difficult issues, and group decision-making, and conflict transformation.

Faculty and staff run short workshops in which the participants are challenged to heighten their skills of observation, reflection, critical analysis and problem-solving as they relate to intercultural situations.

Our Youth Peace building Camping summer includes a balanced representation of young people from different sides of the ethnic conflicts in Georgia and we will be glad to see between our participants the representatives from whole Caucasus region and young people from the all over the world.

Working with international facilitators, the students will be able to develop strategies for working toward peace, understanding, and social justice when they will return to their homes.

Tip Team


September 8, 2002


To it known to all present that I, Frank P. Araujo, Ph.D., of Sacramento, California, USA, have intention to form a partnership with Mr. Gocha Goguadze, of Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, in the pursuit of instruction of English and other foreign languages. This partnership will consist of my providing input in the form of advice, direction, lesson planning, instructional structuring and other materials as needed. Mr. Gocha Goguadze will provide and arrange for instruction and other didactic measures as needed on site in his offices in the Republic of Georgia.


Further inquiry into the nature of this agreement can be directed to me at the address provided below.


Frank P. Araujo, MA, MS, D. Phil, Ph. D

1016 Galleon Way

Sacramento, CA 95838, USA

1 (916) 568-6877 off

1 (916) 568-5162 fax



University of California, Davis


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